A vessel has many systems that require the proper maintenance and care. A careful visual inspection of the accessible components can help determine if the vessel has received the proper maintenance or it may have been neglected. A pre purchase survey inspection of your boat may include many of these areas or more.Please call the office for further information.

1. The exterior hull condition
2. The interior bilge condition
3. Thru-hull fittings condition and operation
4. Electrical system operation
5. Plumbing system condition
6. Engine and Drive systems (I/O,INBOARD,OUTBOARD).
7. Generator operational
8. HVAC system operational
9. Electronics operational
10. Sea trials are conducted to determine if the engine operates within the specific manufacturers specifications.

When completing your survey we also include engine compression test to determine state of motor,we also complete many other functions to determine if the engine is running correctly. We are also equiped with the latest computer and software to help with the survey for all EFI marine engine's.